About PNS

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Highest Quality Teaching

Our dedicated and caring teacher, Elizabeth Richards,is an accomplished early childhood educator with nearly 20 years of experience, including 3 years at PNS. Her gift for teaching young children is evident in everything she does, from her attentive interactions with students to her thoughtfully-planned, developmentally appropriate curriculum.

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A Portland Institution

Founded in 1972, PNS has a long and rich history of serving children in the Greater Portland area. Generations of families have contributed to building the high-quality program we are proud to offer today.

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Cooperative Model

Our co-op structure allows parents and families to be actively involved in their child’s early educational experience. Parents serve on our board of directors, help in the classroom, assist with fundraising, and are deeply invested in the school’s programming and success.

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Enriching Curriculum

Children master key learning objectives during their time at PNS, through play and self-directed exploration. Our engaging, play-based curriculum continually adapts to meet our students’ unique interests, skills, and needs.

Upcoming Events

Special events, holiday celebrations, and outings enrich and broaden students’ school experience.

Accepting applications on a rolling basis throughout the year

Class Times

Tue- Thur (8:30 am – 12 pm)

PNS Address

202 Woodford St. Portland, Maine 04103

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